Orbyton, beyond space!

Stable Income Generating Token

Revolutionary hyper deflationary reflection token, designed to encourage long-term investments and discourage selling

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Orbyton Tokenomics

Orbyton ($OYN) is a community driven, fair launched DeFi, deflationary token designed to become scarcer over time. $OYN holders will earn an 0.5% reward from all buy, sell, and transfer transactions in Binance-Peg BUSD Token ($BUSD).

Buy, Sell and Transfer Fee

0.5% fee is auto distributed to all holders

0.5% fee will be added to the liquidity pool

0.5% automatically used for buyback & burn

0.5% fee is forwarded to a development fund

0.5% forwarded to the marketing wallet

Simple Fee Structure

Orbyton developers believe in a simple fee structure. We have unified all fees across the board to equal 0.5% only for buy, sell, and transfer transactions. The simple fee structure empowers investors to confidently believe in Orbyton.

Reward While Holding

Orbyton is a community-driven, fair launched DeFi cryptocurrency supported by anti-whale mechanism. Reflection, LP Acquisition, Buyback & Burn, and contributions to the Ecosystem development and marketing fund.

How to Buy Orbyton

Take a few steps before start watching your funds grow themselves!.

Have your wallet ready and ensure you're on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

If you do not already have, buy BNB from Binance or from our dApp seamlessly.

Navigate to PancakeSwap or OrbytonSwap and link it to your BSC wallet.

Check your swap to have BNB in the top slot and Orbyton (OYN) in the bottom slot.

Ensure that you change slippage between 17% and 22%, then click Swap.

HOLD and WATCH your INCOME growing from the reflections!

How to buy Orbyton

Orbyton Roadmap

08 JAN 2022

Orbyton Birthday

12 JAN 2022

Website, dApp and Contract Creation

13 FEB 2022

Orbyton First Launch

20 FEB 2022

Launch Orbyton dApp

23 FEB 2022

Orbyton First DEX Listing

21 MAR 2022

Launch Reflections Dashboard

25 MAR 2022

50% Orbyton Manual Burn

30 MAR 2022

Launch Reflections Calculator

01 APR 2022

Renouncing Orbyton Ownership

15 SEP 2022

Listing Orbyton on Crypto Watchlists

01 FEB 2023

Launch Fiat-to-Orbyton

20 APR 2023

Launch Orbyton Mobile App

15 JUN 2023

On-Board New Blockchain Ecosystems

Facts About Orbyton

There are many ways to increase the value of Orbyton over time, including but not limited to decreasing the circulating supply through manual burning, increasing the number of individual holders, as it will increase the buyback and burn, and add more liquidity over time as it will push the token to become more valuable and deliver a higher proportion of rewards.

Orbyton collects a simple transaction fee, 0.5% is collected for all buy, sell, and transfer transactions, and they're distributed in the favor of driving up the token price every day! All buyback and burn transactions are considered immutable and will remove tokens from circulation immediately and permanently to help distribute a share of rewards paid to all holders.


Orbyton Ecosystem helps provide security solutions for both DeFi projects and DeFi holders.


Orbyton Ecosystem bridges the gap for project developers and individuals by providing them with the tools they need to adapt changing the space.


Orbyton Ecosystem empowering other developers to push the entire space forward while bringing safety and security to the forefront of DeFi.